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Hilarious coaching impersonations Empty Hilarious coaching impersonations

Post  Riddler1225 on Mon Sep 22, 2008 12:19 pm

Bill Callahan is the first football coach to be fired at Nebraska.... since.... well... at least 50 years ago.

Anyway, while he was here he had a great impersonator call in to local radio and yeah, sometimes he really talked like this.

Here's "Bill" after the news of his firing.

and here's "Bill" after his replacement (Then defensive coordinator for LSU, Bo Pelini) helped win the National Championship game.

In related news his replacement... "Bopalini" is currently undefeated.

"I love saying Tom Osborne's name..."

"What's up Hizzle fans? Coach B-Rizzle in North O.... Fo' shizzle my football nizzle hizzle fans."

"My first name is spelled B-I-L-L.... not B-U-T-T-F-A-C-E."

"LSU defense resembled that of swiss cheese.... and that's because there's a lot of holes in it... just like that of swiss cheese."

"Bopalini.... he's a football coach.... not a good football coach... he's a good football coach.... I meant... he's a football coach."

"He's the head coach... defense was not his deal."

"Teaching some seminars.... one entitled "How to do an excellent job in every area" One called "Why offense wins games and defense loses jobs" and one entitled "How a bunch of fake punts can test the will of your defense""

This guy rules in my book.

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