The Falcons Team Roster

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The Falcons Team Roster

Post  -J4CKTH3R34P3R- on Sat Aug 23, 2008 10:02 pm

This is the Fredericton Falcons roster currently, if I leave out anybody or get details wrong leave a comment for me! And to secure your jersey number choice and notify me of your gamertag leave a comment also, so we dont have any clashes. Thanks!

GSteve Sheppard1Nova Scotia, CANADASteveSheppard34
GMichael Stanisci42New Jersey, USATinsel Ninja
GDalton Ridder66Nebraska, USAANUBISx19
DMatt Gauthier12New Brunswick, CANADAHazzardmatt
DNic Ridder95Nebraska, USARiddler1225
DJack Cole92Antrim, IRELANDJ4CKTH3R34P3R
DMatt Myer76Minnesota, USANadasfan
DMarcus Hempker14Ohio, USATD Bo Duke
DBill Coles41Nova Scotia, CANADANewScotland
DDerek Battams5Ontario, CANADAslugger3484
FDave Hillman96New Brunswick, CANADA ofcourseso
FDean Burge91Newfoundland, CANADAD Bur
FSkott Birt86Prince-Edouard Island, CANADACrUeD66
FPete Hoeksema4Michigan, USAPedro4
FMatt Hargraves6Ontario, CANADADigginGraves
FJake Nasadyk44British Columbia, CANADATelephone44
FTommy Natali17Nevada, USANINJA1722
FPete Kehoe8Bournemouth, ENGLANDpensfanuk
FBilly Watson55New Brunswick, CANADAcoldblueflame
FRich Vreeland77Massachusetts, USANEUTRALITE
FAndru Matsoukas98Quebec, CANADAandru97
FAdam Robichaud --New Brunswick, CANADAxcamden ripperx
FSam Peikos10Quebec, CANADASHOWCAR10
FShawn Hanson--New Brunswick, CANADAAngryBIGKILLER
FNate Lozier93Nebraska, USASqwerlpunk
FDanny McAdam --New Brunswick, CANADASoul666Fire

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